Protonmail’s MIT Creation & CIA/NSA Oversight

Protonmail has TWO different creation stories

I started to wonder about Protonmail’s creation when I discovered someone had deleted all of Protonmail’s history before it’s Beta Launch.  I wondered… What is there to hide?  I discovered that there are two different Protonmail creation stories.

  1. Protonmail’s code was written at CERN by MIT scientists.  This is the version that is told now.
  2. Protonmail’s code was written at MIT by scientists who also worked at CERN. (1), (2), (3), (4).  Below I will show that Protonmail was created under CIA/NSA oversight and may have been directed by the CIA & NSA itself, although that part is up to the reader to decide

Protonmail denies MIT development until faced with facts

I asked Protonmail’s Reddit moderator about this discrepancy on a post here.  He denied any work was done at MIT several times until enough facts piled up that he acknowledged that Wei Sun (Wei Sun Resume) wrote all of his code at MIT. Why did Protonmail’s Reddit moderator try so hard to hide the part of their history from MIT?  Why has their history on Wikipedia been deleted during this time? 

The answer lies with Wei Sun’s involvement. Wei Sun (Resume) was Protonmail’s only Cryptography & Computer Science expert.  Andy Yen worked on the server and Jason Stockman contributed visually.  However, the serious coding that involved cryptography was completed at MIT by Wei Sun.  After Protonmail’s launch, Wei Sun went to work for Google. Wei Sun Resume.

Since Wei Sun’s departure, Protonmail has deleted records of his contribution. (Source)(Archive)

The evidence that Protonmail wants to hide their MIT history is staggering.  They modified their Wikipedia page, they changed the creation story after 2014, they deny it during Q&A, and they deleted Wei Sun’s involvement.  All of this deception must be for a reason.

Protonmail’s creation under CIA/NSA oversight

Gmail was created at Sandford with evidence it was surrounded by CIA & NSA oversight (1) (2). Protonmail’s cryptography code written by Wei Sun was written at MIT with CIA & NSA oversight.  For example, they had on staff Former NSA Inspector General Joel Brenner.  Brenner specializes in cyber- and physical security, data protection and privacy, intelligence law, the administration of classified information and facilities, and the regulation of sensitive cross-border transactions.  On December 13, 2013, he spoke at MIT about the Snowden revelation.  The MIT website stated, “While at MIT, Brenner will be working on intelligence”.  The Physics, Computer Science and Cryptography departments at MIT are sponsored and watched by the CIA, NSA & DARPA.  MIT also receives check-ins from former CIA and NSA director Michael Hayden.

Why Does It Matter?

CIA & NSA was been watching and may have been involved in Protonmail’s creation from the very start. Protonmail is currently part-owned by a company with connections to President Obama, John Podesta the CIA & NSA.  There are a lot many other concerns about Protonmail’s connection to law enforcement agencies.   There are serious issues, and remember, Protonmail developers, do not use Protonmail.  Would you eat food that the cook refused to eat?  If a cook refuses to eat his own food, that means there is something wrong with the food, right?

To summarize, Protonmail seems just like Gmail in every important way.

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