The Disroot DDOS Attack of 9/18/19

After posting our review of Disroot here several people contacted us with comments designed to threaten, harass, intimidate and belittle. The attackers identified themselves as members of the Disroot community and “Digdeeper“.

The attackers wanted some things corrected that I had incorrect.  I happily made the corrections.  They then made it clear they wanted the whole page taken down. I told them that I do not participate in censoring the truth.  In response, they notified us that we would be receiving significant traffic.  Shortly after this statement, Privacy-Watchdog received an illegal DDOS attack.  The reason for the attack was because I would not remove the blog post I wrote here.

It is possible these attackers misrepresented themselves and are not part of Disroot.  If Disroot contacts me and tells me they were not involved in this attack and disavows all connections to “Digdeeper” then I will take this page down.  If this page is available it means that Disroot knowingly accepts responsibility for this illegal DDOS attack attempting to censor information.  

I have to admit something though.  The Attackers harassment was melodious symphony inside my mind.  Their threats were like a cool summers breeze.  After they took down my site I imagined I was curling up next to the fire of their fury, pleasantly warming myself.  You guys know who you are.  Thank you

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